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Effects of the RMS Republic
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RMS Titanic Exhibition - Franklin Institute
--- Established 2002 ---
--- Ocean Liner Artifacts of the 20th Century ---

     Since 2002, Cunard-WhiteStarLine has placed its efforts in boosting public knowledge on 20th century ocean liners through what they left behind. What started off as an interest in the Titanic back in 1991 has grown into the largest and most well-rounded china website online. Our current online exhibit consists of over 300 rare & unique artifacts from the early Cunarders of the 1870s up to the present and includes such liners as the Republic, Empress of Ireland, and Lusitania. The website stands as a vast research and education site for those seeking information on such ships.
     Inside, you will find references to some of the premier webpages online as well as detailed information on china patterns not found anywhere else on the internet. Since some artifacts may disappear for decades because collectors keep them under lock & key, I am proud to present this virtual museum so the public may rediscover the bygone era of true luxury travel. 
"There was peace and the world had an even tenor to it's way. Nothing was revealed in the morning the trend of which was not known the night before. It seems to me that the disaster about to occur was the event that not only made the world rub it's eyes and awake but woke it with a start keeping it moving at a rapidly accelerating pace ever since with less and less peace, satisfaction and happiness. To my mind the world of today awoke April 15th, 1912."
Jack B. Thayer, Titanic Survivor


 Other Informational Websites:
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* Original artifacts from the RMS Olympic and White Star Line.*
2. Elkington Silver: Markings & Dating System:
*How to find the date of your Elkington silver c1840 to 1968.*
3. Minton China: Markings & Dating System:
*How to find the date of your Minton pieces c1842-1942.*
4. World Ship Society - New York:
*Informational site on liners and their visits to New York & Manhattan.*
5. White Star Momentos:
*DVDs of original footage of the great liners.*

Chelsea Piers, Manhattan - Circa 1907
The Lusitania is berthed on the north side of Pier 54.

Chelsea Piers, Manhattan - 2006
All that remains of the complex. This is Pier 54 and the entrance to another sits dismantled.

Pier 54 Entrance
You can still see the original "Cunard" and "White Star Line" lettering.

Queen Mary 2 in Manhattan
Photo taken on Pier 54 in 2005

Mission Statement: CunardWhiteStarLine is a online non-profit website dedicated to exhibiting ocean liner artifacts of historical value and their history for public viewing and research benefit. By promoting and displaying such artifacts, they are prevented from falling into private collections where their history will be forgotten and be lost to the world.
This site was finalized & published for the first time on September 11th, 2006.