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Ocean Liner Models

Curator's Gallery
Cunard Line
Cunard Line 2
Cunard Line China Patterns
RMS Aquitania Woodwork
RMS Mauretania First Class China
Effects from the RMS Lusitania
Paper Effects from the RMS Lusitania
Cunard Whitestar
White Star Line
White Star Line 2
Effects of the RMS Republic
1:150 RMS Republic Model
Oceanic Steam Navigation Company
Effects from the Empress of Ireland
Effects from the T/N Andrea Doria
Italia Line
French Line - Compagnie Generale Transatlantique
Effects from the SS United States & USL
Effects from the S.S. Vestris
Miscellaneous Artifacts
Miscellaneous Artifacts 2
Coastal Shipwrecks & Artifacts
Ocean Liner Models
Lego Model - RMS Titanic
Miniature Suite B-52 Sitting Room
RMS Titanic Exhibition - Franklin Institute

     Since 2004, CWSL has been adding to our collection of ocean liner models to its exhibit. Currently we have nine kit models, two construction paper models, two wood models, and a lego Titanic model which was originally constructed in 2003 as the Andrea Doria. In addition to photos of these liners on here, we are a member of the Titanic Research and Modeling Association. Here you may view the works of art done by people all over the country. You can access the finished replica forum of this sight through:

Revell's 1:400 Queen Mary 2
Built August 9th to August 14th, 2006

Revell's 1:570 RMS Queen Mary
Built 2005

G-S 1:450 Queen Elizabeth 2
Built 1-29-07 to 2-8-07. Complete with brass PE kit.

1:570 Revell Titanic - HMHS Britannic Conversion
Add-on parts were scratch built since no kit of this liner exists.

Academy Minicraft's 1:350 RMS Titanic
Built 2005 - Includes all brass conversion kits from railing to deck chairs and benches.

Academy Minicraft's 1:350 RMS Titanic
Built as Titanic in 1998, Converted into the wreck in 2005.

Gunze Sangyo's 1:350 RMS Lusitania
Built 2005 - Includes all brass conversion kits from railings to deck chairs and benches.

Revell's #0312 S.S. United States
Built 2008

Scratch-built model of the Kool Breeze Sailboat
Handbuilt model of the family sailboat for Christmas 2008.

Kool Breeze
Interior Shot

     The models shown below are scratch-built out of construction paper and other simple items found around the house. The only options to obtain models of these liners is to pay a small fortune or to scratch-build them. This became the choice of building materials over wood since construction paper is something easily workable for the level of detail. As the models built by CWSL became larger, wood was used for the RMS Republic and the Wilhelm Gustloff.

1:300 Italia Line's S.S. Rex of 1932
Scratch-built from 4-14-07 to 5-2-07.

Stern Aeral View of the Rex
Complete with faux smoke, water, and wake.

Bow shot of the S.S. Rex.
Additional photos at

1:350 CPR's Empress of Ireland
Built in 2007