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Lego Model - RMS Titanic

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Lego RMS Titanic
Built June 10th-20th, 2003

     Curator's Note: Legos..... the freedom to build what you want and having so many ways to do so. Naturally, I used to build ocean liners growing up... this one is the 29th and last model from legos I have built.         

     The RMS Titanic is the one currently residing in the collection. Started on June 10th, 2003, it was finished on June 21st with a 5 day wait for additional parts. To answer a question I have received several times, there are no blueprints to this model. The week prior, I drew my own basic sketches to figure out the general dimensions while trying to base them on the actual ship. I would have built her larger, but lack of parts prevented that. The Titanic's overall stats are:


Length: 5.5 feet                     Height: 1.5 feet at the highest point

Weight: Approx 17lbs              Width: 7 in. at Bridge wings


     Starting on C-Deck Fwd. is her cargo holds 1 & 2, followed by her First Class Cabins which can be entered by either side of her Grand Staircase. The Grand Staircase also leads way into the First Class Reception which comes complete with miniature silverware and hand-made menus. Behind that are the Second Class Cabins and Purser's Office along the hallway. Her coal bunkers and Turbine/Engine room follows that, leading into the detailed Propeller Shafts & Rudder controls. (This consists mainly of Technic parts.)

     On the fwd deck is the Forecastle, where the anchor chains and cargo hatches are located. Jumping up to A-Deck is the Bridge and the Navigation Room behind that. Two doors lead into the upper Grand Staircase where on the opposite side you can enter the ship's Gymnasium or First Class Lounge. The Gymnasium includes a mechanical horse, rowing machine, and balance beam and is adorned with gold-leaf wallpaper and 'wood' mouldings. The Lounge and Reading & Writing Room were combined, with couches and a fireplace with the painting "Sailing into New York" hanging above. Her final room is the Verandah Palm Court. On her Promenade Deck is the docking bridge and lounge chairs / benches. The Boat Deck houses the ship's two glass domes over the Grand Staircase and the Verandah Palm Court. She is equipped with 10 lifeboats, each with their own retractable davits and each can carry 7 passengers. Total capasity is 70, while I have only 40-50 passengers onboard. There is a staircase from the lounge to the boat deck just aft of funnel no.1 and larger glass panels underneath the steel coverings to allow more light into the Grand Staircase. If you can't tell, I can get into detailed descriptions....



Interior Shot


This photo doesn't do the interior justice...

Fwd Boat Deck

Propeller Shafts & Machinery
View underneath the stern - Taken during annual overhaul.