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French Line - Compagnie Generale Transatlantique

Curator's Gallery
Cunard Line
Cunard Line 2
Cunard Line China Patterns
RMS Aquitania Woodwork
RMS Mauretania First Class China
Effects from the RMS Lusitania
Paper Effects from the RMS Lusitania
Cunard Whitestar
White Star Line
White Star Line 2
Effects of the RMS Republic
1:150 RMS Republic Model
Oceanic Steam Navigation Company
Effects from the Empress of Ireland
Effects from the T/N Andrea Doria
Italia Line
French Line - Compagnie Generale Transatlantique
Effects from the SS United States & USL
Effects from the S.S. Vestris
Miscellaneous Artifacts
Miscellaneous Artifacts 2
Coastal Shipwrecks & Artifacts
Ocean Liner Models
Lego Model - RMS Titanic
Miniature Suite B-52 Sitting Room
RMS Titanic Exhibition - Franklin Institute

SS Normandie's Grand Salon set for afternoon tea.
Clear photo of onboard china in use - "The Liner - Retrospective & Renaissance"

Two (Varied) CGT Gold Trim Tea Cups & Saucers
2 Cups & 1 Saucer, Table service from the France, 1 Saucer, From the SS Normandie.

CGT French Line Ashtray - Jean Luce
Post-war ashtray from the French Line - probably c1950s

SS Normandie Matchbook Cover
Displayed with a photo of the Grande Salle a' Manger.

SS Normandie RPPC
Passing Liberty Island, New York

Normandie Hat Band
Given out onboard during her maiden voyage.

     CGT, or French Line china is one I am not very familiar with because of the scarcity and limited online resources documenting it. Each of the two sets I own have the slightest different in size, shape, and pattern. From what I have found, the set on the left - bearing the "Haviland France Limoges" markings dates to post-war and was used onboard liners like the Liberte' & Ile de France. The "sleeker" set saucer bears "Haviland France, Jean Luce - Paris" and the cup "GDA Limoges France" in a Laurel Wreath. The cup is also from the France, but the saucer was from onboard the Normandie. Anyone wishing to learn more about the Normandie should visit, which has world's best collection of original fittings and china from one of the most beautiful liners ever built.