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Paper Effects from the RMS Lusitania

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Paper Effects from the RMS Lusitania
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New York Times - May 15th, 1915

RMS Lusitania Advertisement - c1908
Comparing the size of the Lusitania to buildings of the day.

Cunard Daily Bulletin - November 11, 1911
From onboard the RMS Lusitania.

Original Music Score - As The Lusitania Went Down
Library - University of Illinois, Urbana

RMS Lusitania Daily Bulletin
Thursday, May 20th, 1909 - One day out of New York.

                                              Lusitania Daily Bulletin Information
Top Right: The Cunard Daily Bulletin above is from onboard the RMS Lusitania, Saturday - November 11th, 1911. Aside from wireless news, some of the information given is from the ship's log the day prior:
Friday, November 10th, 1911:
Course: N. 76'20E, Distance: 51 knots
Position: Lat: 45'25N - Long: 45'00W
The Lusitania will be within wireless distance of the SS Majestic and SS Celtic today.
Above Right: The Cunard Daily Bulletin from onboard the RMS Lusitania: Thursday, May 20th, 1909, 1am GMT. Center information as follows:
From The Log: Wednesday, May 19th, 1909:
10-20am - Left Company's Pier, 10-35am - Passed Castle Gardens, 11-20am - Passed Sandy Hook, Noon - Ambrose Channel Lightship abeam. Also includes weather report and passenger list. Front cover is notable for having the same Perrier bottle as recovered from the wreck of the RMS Republic which sank only months earlier.

RMS Lusitania "Woven in Silk" Stevengraph Postcard
c1910 - Wonderful condition aside from discoloration from the photo once set above it.

RMS Lusitania "Woven in Silk" Stevengraph Postcard
Hands Across America

Backside - Postmarked 1916.